Excellent Growth for Contract IT Job Market

The news is getting better and better for IT contractors looking for work in the UK.

Following a 25-month high in the contract IT job market in June, it was predicted the sector would flat line in the third quarter. However it is now forecast that the IT market will continue to grow after recently released figures surpassed the June results.

MyOE Australian Account Manager Jill Henderson says it is positive news for skilled IT workers looking to relocate to the UK and wants tier 5 UK visa.

“The results showed there was twice the number of job opportunities for contract staff over permanent workers within the last year, with 92,000 contracts offered to temporary staff. This is a 23 percent increase on the previous year and great news for those in the IT industry as per best UK umbrella companies who want to experience working and living overseas.”

The Recruitment and Employment Federation’s ‘Report on Jobs’ showed a record index for temporary IT labour of 59.6, which is up from June’s two-year high of 57.3. The July findings represent a real-terms annual growth of 8.4 index points.

“The growing demand for UK ancestry visa Australia is a good indication that businesses are planning on assessing, changing and developing their processes as well as looking to invest in expansion opportunities,” Ms Henderson says.

“The strong growth of the UK economy has boosted business confidence for those looking for jobs in the UK for Australians and many organizations look to be investing in their future rather than taking a conservative approach, which has been the norm during the recession when they had to tighten their belts.”

Recent figures from the UK’s Office of National Statistics showed a total of 719,000 workers are involved in the technology sector, which is up 11 percent from 2012 and an increase of 3 percent from 2010.

“The rise in demand for contract workers as per payroll services can be partly attributed to the flexibility that temporary staff can offer an employer. They bring their field of expertise to a job and can utilise their skills on a particular project. This makes them a valuable asset for a business,” Ms Henderson says.

Contractors with skills across a wide range of areas are required, with increases in demand for ERP contractors, technical architects, web developers, contractor payroll management, software engineers, project managers, IT managers and IT directors. Less traditional areas such as social media and apps are also showing an increased need for staff.

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