IT contractors to benefit from $7.2bn of new contracts signed this year

Opportunities continue to unravel for IT contractors in the UK as large scale deals create even more jobs.

$7.2bn of contracts was announced within the first five months of this year, including three contracts valued at over $1bn each.

MyOE Australian Account Manager Jill Henderson says a growing UK economy has helped boost the increased demand for temporary workers due to a rise in business confidence, and changes within the public sector have also brought about new job opportunities for IT contractors.

“The public sector counts for a large portion of IT work in the UK and historically the industry has been monopolized by a few players. The government introduced strategies to increase the level of competition in an attempt to increase efficiency and cut costs as per UK umbrella companies.

“As a result jobs have opened up to people with commercial backgrounds, who would not otherwise get work in these areas due to a lack of experience within a government organisation.

“The announcements of the large scale contracts are an indication that public sector companies are outsourcing more of their IT work, which will not only help them meet their budgets but will create more jobs for contractors.” Check more info for opening UK bank account.

Ms Henderson said the National Health Service (NHS) is a good example of a government organisation that has opened up IT opportunities for people without NHS experience.

“About half the IT contracts currently on offer do not need prior NHS experience, compared with last year when the majority specified it. This has resulted in half-year billings of IT contractors doubling that of last year. The NHS predicts it will need IT contractors for the next two to three years, across a wide range of skill areas.”

Ms Henderson, UK umbrella company head said the outsourcing of IT work from government organizations, as well as rising demand within the IT sector, will create additional employment opportunities for contractors

“Now is a great time to relocate to the UK and take advantage of the IT employment opportunities and variety of work on offer, as well as use it as a base from which to explore Europe.”

This news also follows a ‘Report on Jobs’ by the Recruitment and Employment Federation or best umbrella company that showed July figures for the IT contract industry surpassed the 25-month high reported in June, and it is predicted that demand for skilled IT workers will continue to rise.

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