MyOE can help with your UK Accommodation and Assistance

Moving overseas can be a daunting time between finding work and somewhere to live, not to mention detaching yourself from life as you know it to explore completely unfamiliar places. It’s a big thing to choose to exist without your usual boundaries and often, once you have made the decision to go, you just want to pick up there and then and leave without worrying about everything in between.

Unfortunately, there are a few things needing taking care of before you head over. For example, you won’t even be let into the UK without the right visa, whether it’s the UK visa youth mobility or another UK visa, nor will you be paid as a contractor without a UK bank account or National Insurance (NI) Number, which is similar to our Tax File Number.

In order to enable contractors to live, work and play during their overseas experience in the UK, myOE provides a service to arrange the following for you prior to leaving the UK:

* UK bank account appointment
* UK accommodation links and assistance
* UK sim card
* All UK Visa categories – ancestry UK visa and all other UK visa options.

These other services are provided upon your arrival to the UK:

* Job assistance and contact with recruitment agencies
* UK tax refunds
* National Insurance number
* Black Book of Discounts
* London A-Z map.

Did you know many of the services myOE offers are free? This makes us unique in the marketplace as we believe you should not be charged for things that make your relocation easier. Once you commence contracting in the UK, you’ll realise that fee for UK compliant structures is competitive with no hidden extras, giving you the luxury and added benefit of having it arranged for you completely hassle free.

Our dedicated myOE account managers can help you apply for the appropriate working visa UK, without guarantee of approval as we engage the services of our Partnered Immigration Company. Similarly, once you land, our UK team can provide valuable assistance in getting you in contact with the UK recruitment agencies face to face for providing jobs for Australians in UK. This is all after helping you prepares your resume to the UK format while you’re still in Australia.

If you’re worried about not having a community of friends when you arrive to the UK, our myOE events calendar in London is continually being added to with virtually endless opportunities for you to meet with other people who, just like you, have chosen an overseas experience in the UK.

If you’re considering your options to live, work and play in the UK, get in contact with our dedicated staff for getting UK visa Australia 1300 654 484 to find out how easy we can make it for you. Alternatively, you can visit the myOE, best umbrella company Australia website to find out more or attend one of our very informative and helpful info nights where you are able to ask any questions you have about the transition process.


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