Calling all contractors – the UK needs you!!

Contracting in the UK is now at a 40-year high, with demand and agency figures far exceeding the UK permanent recruitment sector. Throw in the fact that pay rates have increased to a seven-year high and contractor availability falling, and you have market conditions that couldn’t be more perfect to be contracting in the UK.

The latest Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) report on the job market also highlights that IT and financial contracting were the highest performing of the core contracting disciplines during September 2014.

According to the REC chief executive Kevin Green, although permanent hiring growth has slowed to a ten-month low, September still saw further growth in demand for both contractors and employees.

“Once again more people have secured permanent and temporary jobs via recruiters than in the previous month, a sign of the continued strength of the UK’s labour market. The increasing lack of candidates continues to be a worry as shortages spread across more industries,” he said.

Contractor Calculator CEO Dave Chaplin notes that clients are increasingly turning to contractors to fill talent and skills gaps.

“As the economic recovery gathers pace and UK businesses invest in launching new projects, there just aren’t enough skilled employees available. That means clients are using the contract market to source these hard to find skills that are essential for growth,” Mr Chaplin said.

“Hourly pay for people on temporary contracts has risen at the fastest pace for nearly seven years, which shows that employers are bringing in temps and contractors with the skills they need quickly and are willing to pay to do so,” Mr Green adds.

So it really is the time to bring your skills and sense of adventure over to the UK, and take your pick from all the exciting new opportunities there are available for you here.

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