How to Find Best UK Visa and Immigration Services in Australia

If you want to work or study or establish a business in the UK, then you need to UK Visa Services. Generally, you need to apply for your UK visa from a country in which you are a citizen or permanent resident. When you apply, you’ll need your original passport. You’ll also need to remain in your home country while your application is processed. Application processing times fluctuate throughout the year, and can take two to three months. You should make arrangements for your visa well in advance of any planned travel. We also advise against booking non-refundable or non-flexible travel prior to visa approval. There are a number of switching rules imposed by UK Visas, and Immigration in many instances; you cannot switch visa status within the UK. It is important to make sure that you apply for, and obtain the most appropriate visa for your circumstances before travelling.

Those who wish to apply for the tier 5 visas UK, and immigration must have a passport that is valid for the period of their stay in Australia. They must also have related travel documents that are required for the Government to approve their entry. The applicants must meet the necessary character, and health criteria. They must also have proof of ability to financially support their stay in Australia for the visa that they have applied. If you are not a British Citizen or a citizen of one the European Economic Area (EEA) countries, you may need an entry clearance before you travel to the UK. People from certain countries, known as visa nationals, need an entry clearance to enter the UK for any reason, those from other countries need one only for some reasons.

Types of UK Visas

The Australian Department of Immigration, and Border Protection Offers has a wide range of visas which are broadly categorized as permanent, interim or provisional to suit diverse requirements of immigrants. The varied modes of immigration to UK visas are listed below;

* Tier 1 – Highly Skilled Category
* Tier 2 – Skilled Worker Category
* Tier 3 – Not Implemented
* Tier 4 Students
* Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa

Here are some best ways to find the best UK ancestral visa and Immigration Services in Australia listed below, but not limited to;

1. Self Services

You can apply for UK visa and immigration services in Australia through the UK government website. This is the simply, and the best way to get visa services by self services.

2. Immigration Service Providers

The Immigration Service Providers can provide legal, and counseling facilities which will magnify your chances of overseas immigration to Australia.

3. The Traveler Company

The traveler company comprises a highly qualified, and dedicated team, wholly committed to providing an effective, and efficient visa and immigration services, and application service to commercial, and private applicants.

MyOE was established in 1998 to help professionals relocate to the UK for work by assisting with all aspects of the move from planning the relocation to providing a hub that can offer several tailored employment solutions, through to arrival and beyond.

MyOE offer the best overseas experience and UK jobs for Aussies. MyOE makes sure you land on your feet in your new country and save on tax in your new job. Our contractor management service guarantees more take home pay.


Getting your UK work visa can be easy

Moving overseas can be a pretty daunting idea for some, but it doesn’t actually need to be hard. You just need to make sure all the things on your checklist are taken care of: from which clothes to pack and take with you, sorting out your passport, what to do with the rest of your belongings, and making sure you have the correct visa to enter the UK for work.

While most of those things are pretty standard and straight forward, none (other than your passport) are quite so important as having you UK visa application Australia in and approved. It’s important to know what the requirements are for you to secure a UK work visa, and which one you are eligible for. It’s vital to have this locked away before you get to start packing your suitcase.

So, where do you start? To begin with, it helps knowing which UK visas are available to Australian and New Zealand professionals, and what each one allows or restricts you to do.

The UK youth mobility scheme visa is suited to professional contractors aged between 18 and 30 years (inclusive). The Tier 5 visa allows you to live and work in the UK for up to two years, leaving you free to exit and enter back into the UK at any time during the two years when your visa is valid. There are a few small restrictions on this visa, one of them being that you cannot extend your stay once it expires. You also can’t be granted and use this visa more than once, and must provide proof of funds available to help support you until you secure employment.

The UK ancestry visa information is applicable to those Australians or New Zealanders who have a grandparent (or parent) that was born in the UK. Similarly to the Tier 5, you will be required to demonstrate your intention to work in the UK and evidence of funds that will prove you can support yourself upon entry, until you’ve secured employment. This visa however is valid for five years, and unlike the Tier 5, you can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) at the conclusion of this five year period, which if approved would allow you to stay longer than the original visa term.

At myOE, we know all about UK visas and can assist you with your application for a UK work permits. We provide free support and advice on your tier 5 visa for UK eligibility, as well as setting up other things you will need once you leave – such as a National Insurance number, UK bank account, and how to reformat your resume for the UK market.

To find out how we can help you in your preparations to live, work and play in the UK, contact our dedicated team today!

Limited Company vs Umbrella Company: what’s the difference?

When relocating to the UK, a common question people ask is whether they should trade as a limited company or work via an umbrella company. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on your current situation and future plans and overseas experience.

Trading as a limited company while working in the UK usually involves an individual owning and managing their business. They trade by selling their personal services to an end user, often through a recruitment agency. Benefits include business independence and portability, and potential tax advantages. The downside is that the contractor is responsible for their own administration, payment collection, banking and tax.

In 2000, new tax legislation was introduced (IR35) which states that if you would have been an employee of your end user, other than for the existence of an intermediary company, then you will be treated as an employee for tax purposes regardless of how you organize your affairs. Know more about tier 5 youth mobility visa.

MyOE Australian Account Manager Jill Henderson says it was following the introduction of the IR35 legislation that the popularity of umbrella company grew.

“An umbrella company acts as an employer to contractors working at a fixed rate, usually through a recruitment agency. All remuneration is paid to the contractors via a combination of salary, bonuses and tax free expenses. The umbrella company handles the administration of timesheets, collection of payments from clients/agencies, tax, youth mobility visa and National Insurance calculations and payment to the contractors.”

Limited Company vs Umbrella Company: what’s the difference?

Ms Henderson says myOE recommends an umbrella company as the most efficient, safe and dependable way of working in the UK or work in the UK for Australians.

“An employment management company allows you to enjoy the benefits of contracting without the headaches of IR35, limited company administration, insurance costs and accountancy fees. Its simplicity makes it an attractive and flexible option for short term contractors.”

“Employment on a secondment basis with a UK ancestral visa umbrella company is one of the most effective ways to minimise the tax due on your UK income from the time you arrive. This arrangement also gives you up to 24 months of tax relief on your relocation and living expenses,” Ms Henderson said.

MyOE was established in 1998 to help professionals relocate to the UK for work by assisting with all aspects of the move from planning the relocation to providing a hub that can offer several tailored employment solutions, through to arrival and beyond.

MyOE offer the best UK Ancestry Visa deals on the market. MyOE makes sure you land on your feet in your new country and save on tax in your new job. Our contractor management service guarantees more take home pay.

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